Nugget04: 1 March 2018

Some insightful articles/blogs from today’s news to sharpen your lunch discussions:

India grows at 7.2% (fastest-growing economy) in Oct-Dec (Business Standard)

ICAI continues to lobby against the NFRA (Quint)

Report card: Sebi chief Ajay Tyagi completes first year in office (Business Standard)

India’s 10-year benchmark bond yiels may reach 8% in April 2018 (Quint)

515 crore fraud at Canara bank (Business Line)

Karti Chidambaram and INX Media Case (Quint)

Opting SWPs to reduce tax liability (Investment Ideas)

Cash flow manipulations by companies (Vintage Value Investing)

Quite obvious which escapes attention (Morgan Housel)

Pratical example how one can be fooled if not familiar with “Time Value of Money” (Capital Mind)

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